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Wanzn was awarded the Best Partner Award in the Energy Storage Industry by Apollo UK


Recently, Apollo UK announced the award of Best Partner to Wanzn Fire Technology Co., Ltd., in recognition of Wanzn's outstanding performance and contribution in the energy storage industry.


As a high-tech enterprise focused on energy storage safety, Wanzhen has always been committed to providing high-quality energy storage safety products and services. In recent years, with the continuous development of the energy storage industry, Wanzn has closely cooperated with Apollo UK to provide comprehensive energy storage security solutions for energy storage projects, ensuring the safe operation of energy storage facilities.

Apollo and Wanzn work closely together  》》》

Apollo Corporation is a company focused on global security technology, committed to providing customers worldwide with the highest quality energy storage security products and services. Wanzn has an internationally high-quality team, rich industry experience and technical strength, and has become one of the world's leading enterprises in the field of energy storage safety.  "Wanzn has performed exceptionally well in the energy storage industry, and their professional knowledge and skills enable us to better manage the risks and safety issues of energy storage facilities. " a senior representative of Apollo said. "We are pleased to establish a good partnership with Wanzn, which is crucial for our business development."

Comprehensive and multifaceted selection criteria  》》》

It is reported that the award was selected by Apollo UK, and the selection criteria include partners' professional knowledge, skills, service quality, and contribution to the business. Wanzn won the award for its excellent performance and excellent service.

Continue to work hard in the future!  》》》

Winning the Best Partner Award this time is recognition and encouragement of Wanzn's continuous efforts. In the future, Wanzn will continue to maintain close cooperation with Apollo UK to provide more comprehensive energy security solutions for the energy storage industry and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.