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Wanzn won the Best Industry Performance Award in 2023


On February 21, 2024, in Xiamen, China,we welcomed an extraordinary event: "Together, Strive for Prosperity and Win Win" - the 2024 Honeywell SST China Partner Conference. This eye-catching event has attracted elites from various industries to gather together to explore the future of innovation and cooperation.


At the meeting, Honeywell repeatedly emphasized the importance of seeking novelty, change, and growth. Business leaders deeply understand that only through continuous innovation and change can they stand invincible in the fierce market competition. They bravely pursue new ideas and explore new business areas; Actively pursuing new technologies and providing competitive products and services; At the same time, constantly exploring new business models to respond to market changes and customer demands.



At this highly anticipated conference, Wanzn won the Best Industry Performance Award for 2023 with outstanding performance, which is Honeywell's recognition of Wanzn's outstanding achievements. Wanzn's success cannot be achieved without the joint efforts and collaborative spirit of the team. As the theme suggests, "Together, we strive for mutual benefit." The Wanzn team takes common goals and values as the cornerstone, and works together with unity to achieve even greater goals.




Wanzn provides customers with excellent value and experience through advanced technology and solutions. Wanzn's products perform excellently in terms of quality, reliability, and performance, and are highly praised by customers. Wanzn actively participates in the development of partnerships, works closely with Honeywell SST and other partners to explore market opportunities and expand business areas. By sharing resources and experiences, we continuously enhance the value of our partners and achieve common growth and success. Wan zn firmly believes that only through continuous innovation and cooperation can we truly achieve win-win results. Wanzn will continue to be committed to meeting customer needs, promoting industry development, working together with partners, working together to create greater value for partners and society, and making greater contributions to the development of the industry and social progress.

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