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Wanzn was invited by the Changzhou Municipal Government to participate in the 2023 Changzhou Shenzhen Open Innovation Cooperation Exchange Conference


At the invitation of the Changzhou Municipal Government, Mr. Li Zhi, Chairman of Wanzn Energy Group, attended the "2023 Changzhou Shenzhen Open Innovation Cooperation Exchange Conference" held in Shenzhen on November 14th. The conference gathered a group of leading enterprises in artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms, new energy and its industrial chain supporting.




As a key introduced enterprise in Changzhou City, Mr. Li Zhi participated in the signing ceremony of key projects with Changzhou City and had in-depth exchanges with relevant leaders, further determining the strategy of Wanzn Energy Group to continue to deeply cultivate the Yangtze River Delta. Changzhou, as the main city of intelligent manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta, has perfect industrial facilities and high-quality industrial workers that are extremely needed for Wanzn's future development. Mr. Li Zhi said, "He was deeply moved by the leadership at all levels for the location advantages and grounding of Changzhou. They have been helping Wanzn settle in Changzhou to solve various problems, even down to details such as company registration. It is precisely because of this excellent business environment that Wanzn is determined to relocate the production and research and development of some of the group's products in Changzhou." He strongly believes that Wanzn Energy Group will have a better tomorrow in Changzhou.


This meeting is an important opportunity for Wanzn Energy Group to expand its presence in the Yangtze River Delta region, showcasing the company's strength and influence in the field of new energy security. Through the exchange and discussion among experts, scholars, and peers at the conference, Mr. Li Zhi gained a deep understanding of the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and also provided new ideas and directions for the future development of Wanzn Energy Group.


After the event, Mr. Li Zhi also accepted an invitation from the Changzhou Municipal Government to go to Changzhou for further negotiations on investment, factory construction, and implementation of production capacity plans. Both parties have had in-depth communication and exchange on the investment plan of Wanzn Energy Group in Changzhou, and have reached multiple cooperation intentions.


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